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Monday, September 19, 2016

Success Story of Balaji Wafers

Source : Share Your Story
Writer  : Sahil

Journey from Astron Cinema to 1000 crore company

Chandubhai Virani started his career by selling snacks at the Astron cinema, Rajkot. Four decade later Balaji wafers and namkeens hold a 65% market share in 5 states.

Slowly after moving from the cinema, he along with his brothers started making wafers in house. They would make wafers and he would go on his Luna to the local shops to sell them.

He was very selective about the potatoes that he used. Balaji wafers were then sold in a transparent bag while its competitors were already much large in terms of marketing. Slowly in the 90’s the industry saw growth. The production grew from 1000kg of potatoes to 5000 kg per hour and thus a desi brand was giving tough competition to the foreign brands like Frito lay.

Full Story on >>> Balaji Wafers

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