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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mind v/s Consciousness

Article : Sudhir Pai

Mind and consciousness are two different sides of the coin.

We can have an Hindu mind. But there is no Hindu Consciousness.
We can have a Jewish mind. But there is no Jewish Consciousness.

Pure consciousness is a No Mind Zone. Pure Silence. Total Bliss.

Meditation is all about moving from Mind to Consciousness. Mind is like a river. Ever flowing. Ever Changing. Consciousness is absolute. A silent witness. Mind is limited by time and consciousness expresses itself in timelessness.

Mind can be explained. Consciousness can only be felt and experienced. Mind is like a fire. If not handled properly, mind kills.

Consciousness heals. It soothes. It is relaxing.

Friedrich Nietzsche has declared that God is dead. God is not dead on the contrary, what has happened is that matter is dead. Matter has been found not to exist at all. This insight into matter brings modern physics very close to mysticism, very close. For the first time the scientist and the mystic are coming very close, almost holding hands.
Eddington, one of the greatest scientists of this age, has said, "We used to think that matter is a thing; now it is no more so. Matter is more like a thought than like a thing."
Existence is energy. Science has discovered that the observed is energy, the object is energy. Down through the ages, at least for five thousand years, it has been known that the other polarity the subject, the observer, consciousness is energy.

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