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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Compassionate Capitalism

Source : Sulekha
Writer  : Care Our India

'Compassionate capitalism' urged for India

Indian entrepreneur Narayan Murthy, founder of global software giant Infosys, says "compassionate capitalism" is the only solution to poverty in the country. 

Narayan Murthy: One of the world's most admired business leaders 
Debate is currently raging throughout India over the economic policy of the new government, following a lukewarm media response and stock market jitters.
But Mr Murthy told BBC World Service's The Interview programme that more had to be done to drive entrepreneurial activity.
"We believe that if India has to solve its problem of poverty, we have to embrace capitalism, ensure that jobs are created, and make sure that market-driven policies are accepted," he said.
"However, to do that, the people who are the evangelists of capitalism, must conduct themselves in a manner that will appeal to the masses."People must be able to relate to them easily. They must lead a normal life, a simple life, and people must be able to say, 'look, if these jokers can do it, we can do it better'."
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