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Friday, February 2, 2018

Amazing Indian - Uma Venkatachalam

22-year-old Jayavel Chinnaiah says he still remembers how he lay as a toddler on the sidewalks of a busy road on Chennai's suburbs where his mother waded through raging motorists begging for money many years ago. 

But those hazy pictures from his past are now being replaced with hopes of a bright future. Jayavel has just one more on-campus examination to clear for enrolment in an automotive engineering course in Italy's Politecnico Di Torino. 

He is in Chennai awaiting financial aid from those who had shaped his life so far -from the time he was taken off the foot path to the day he is looking to head for a course in his dream subject. 

"I want to finish my course, get a good job, earn money to repay my loans, build a house for my mother and then get into the Indian Administrative Service to do service to this nation," says Jayavel in a rush as if he is listing out provisions from a shopping list. 

Full Story >> Economic Times 

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