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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moments of Clarity

Be fully aware . We all have the Buddha mind in us . Every sentient being has it . This mind is always present, always clear, and always perfect The natural expression of the perfect mind is clarity The problem is when this mind is filled with delusions, aggressive and non-virtuous thoughts arising out of the five poisons of pride, ignorance, greed, jealousy and desire If we continue to carry out all our actions with this karmic mind, it often leads to suffering If we try and understand the difference.between the base and the karmic mind, we will be able to clearly see the afflicted mind.

As alcohol enters our blood stream, it brings confusion with it Gradually, as the intoxicant starts affecting us, the clarity of the base mind and the dullness of the karmic mind merge The otherwise black-white starkness gives way to an increasing ‘grey area’ expanse or confusion As more alcohol enters the blood stream, it increases confusion A baffled mind cannot differentiate between virtuous and non-virtuous thoughts, words and actions. Retain your balance. While enjoying your tipple, be.aware of your thoughts.

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