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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be your own boss

Bored by your job and the looming fear of being laid off ? Want to start your own business ? But how do you start ? What are the pitfalls you need to watch out for ? Is it a good time to invest your money in a venture ? If you’re interested in starting your own business you’ll find a range of ideas for businesses to start . The key to success once your own business is started is to keep learning.  Cultivate your natural abilities and grow with them.

The act of starting or growing a business is a valuable education. Using your own business idea to start your own business will be a less expensive education
than attending a brick and mortar college - and you can learn more useful and actionable information.

You can also create an income using your entrepreneurial business idea, instead of deferring income while in school. "The hardest thing about getting started is getting started."

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