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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Start your own business

Looking for some inspiration in starting your own business? Look no further! Here's what some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs have to say about entrepreneurship: "When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure." Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming . The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It's as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer

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  1. Yes it is very important that a person who has taken upon a task of doing business is own way or rather being a entrepeneur should give is everything towards achieving his goals. The above blog says it all. Truly inspiring for new entrepeneur.