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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Develop good memory

By : Sudhir Pai

Everyday our brain has opportunity to develop new cells and newer neural connections and pathways. This ability of our amazing brain to constantly renew itself and become more sharper and intelligent is called as neuroplasticity.

We must be aware and train our brain using this concept of neuroplasticity to improve our memory power as well. So how can we do it?

1) Diet plays an important role. Eat fresh fruits, walnuts, almonds.

2) Drink 1-2 cups of coffee. It helps to keep our mind alert and improve memory.

3) Walk for 45 minutes daily. It should be brisk and and at end of walk we should feel happy and light headed.

4) Affirmations can do wonders. Regularly talk to yourself and tell that you have great memory.

5) Smiling and laughing reduces stress, increases happy hormones called endorphins and thereby improves memory.

6) Solve puzzles.

7) Play Chess and Carrom.

8) Try to recall entire day event at end of day and put it in diary.

So I wish all my readers a happy day ahead and smile your way to a great memory.

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